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What does a yogi look like?

If an image comes to mind, perhaps we need to unbox this ancient practice.

Yoga is not an experience limited to those with a certain spirituality, lifestyle, sex, diet, age, job occupation, race, class, or physical ability. 

Mindfulness, the essence of yoga, is a joy unique, therapeutic, and truly necessary to the human condition.


Welcome humans, we’re all yogis here.

Food Concept:

The physical & emotional nourishment with an incredible power to resurface old memories and create new ones.


AKA, the good stuff.

All food has a story, and therefore a place in this world. And in life, whether it's balancing a dish's salty, sweet, sour, bitter, umami and kokumi* flavours, or balancing protein, fats, and carbohydrates in a meal, it's what makes our experience tasty, wholesome, and healthy. I speak as an omnivore, so my recipes celebrate that fact. However, the restaurant business teaches you that dietary restrictions are alive and well. For that reason I’ve included recipe variations, as one would suggest posture modifications in a yoga class.

*kokumi: the sixth taste "sensation", translated from Japanese as "mouthfeel" or "rich taste".  

Food concept
Yoga at Home

lovely to meet you

Sophie Gavell is a Korean-American chef from Boston, Massachusetts with degrees in dietetics and global health from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her yoga journey started in 2010 when she sought a cross-training activity to balance out her collegiate national rowing training. Not only did she find ease in her physical recovery, but also that in her mental decompression. After university she graduated from Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she then continued on to working the next 4 years in the London Michelin star restaurant scene. It was the fast-paced, high-stress environment that led her perspective to take a significant shift as she realised the neglect of mental health initiatives in the business.


Seeking a change in environment and reputable yoga teaching programs, she moved in May 2019 to Melbourne, Australia, where she currently resides. Now a certified 200hrYTT Vinyasa and Yin teacher she remains deeply inspired by the Slow Food® movement; it is her goal to bring the same mindfulness in food sourcing to wellness in the hospitality industry.

About me


Yoga experiences

Not ready to commit to an hour class yet?

Preview these short 20 minute online classes incorporating the same 2:1 part Yin:Yang yoga.

Food Experiences

Handwritten chef journaled recipes uploaded every week.

A "bit of both" experiences

Catered up to 10 guests, let's make an afternoon or evening of it. An hour of Yin:Yang yoga will be followed up by a tastefully prepared spread of dietary-respecting dishes. Optional happy hour wine pairings available.

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